sbt-trace is an open source SBT plugin that can find traces of the client or library in different applications. It can be found at:

It does this by using the GitHub’s Search API and locating usage of client or library in the build.sbt of applications.


Add to project

Add the following to ​`​project/`:

addSbtPlugin("com.delprks" % "sbt-trace" % "1.0.0")

And update the `build.sbt`:

val traceSettings = Seq(traceUser := "delprks")

lazy val `project-name`: Project ="."))


If you are using the plugin to search private repositories, you would need to provide a GitHub-generated access token which can retrieve repository information. You should then export it as an environment variable:

export TRACE_GIT_TOKEN=token

You can run the following in client or libraries to find their traces:

sbt trace


Found 7 traces of rms-sounds-metadata in:


sbt-trace is open source software released under the Apache 2 License.